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8 Kid-Friendly, Small-Sized Dog Breeds

Getting your child a pet dog is a great way to teach him about responsibility. However, you need to choose the right dog breed for your kid. There are plenty of cases where the dog is just too much for the child to handle.

Ideally you should get a small-sized canine for your child. With its petite size, it’s much enjoyable and easier to take care. Here are some of the common selection of kid-friendly, smaller dogs that’s perfect for your child.


A pint-sized pup with an adorable face, the pug will mesmerize your child. It requires less maintenance and is well-adapted to moderate climate. The pug is also comfortable to hang out with indoors.

Yorkshire Terrier

Despite its small stature, the Yorkshire terrier has a big adventurous personality. A very engaging character, your child will definitely love this very affectionate pup.

Mini Schnauzer

If you’re looking for an intelligent and cheerful dog for your child, the mini schnauzer is highly recommended. It will happily hang out with your child at home. It’s also the perfect companion at the park or in the yard.


Highly curious and energetic, the beagle is a naturally friendly pup that your child will surely enjoy having. It loves to interact with other animals as well.


Looking like a stuffed toy, the silky-coated Havanese is a popular choice as a family pet. It is easy trained, has a hypoallergenic coat, and is affectionate. It playfully chases kids around as well as loved to be sitting on its owner’s lap.

Boston Terrier

Having a gentle, friendly disposition, the Boston terrier is an elegant-looking pup that enjoys the company of its owner.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Genuinely friendly and affectionate, the Cavalier is a trustworthy companion for kids. With its soft and silky coat, your child will surely love this pup.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Considered a working farm dog, the Corgi loves to take on the task of watching over your child. It is a strong and sturdy breed with adequate mental faculties and physical attributes well-suited to any situation.


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