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Keeping Your Pooch Happy and Safe during the Holidays

For us, humans, the holidays are a time of gift-giving, rekindling with old friends and family and delicious treats. On the downside, this could mean stress as well as upset stomachs for our furry, four-legged friends. Here are simple tips to minimize the anxiety levels of our pets to keep them happy during this jolly time of the year.

Giving treats to your pets is fine. From time to time, you can sneak a snack from the holiday table and give it to your pooch. But giving too much is not good. Treats given outside the normal routine, particularly those high in fat, can lead to an upset stomach. While you may be tempted and have good intentions by sharing tasty treats, think of your dog. More is not better, and it can even lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

Planning to give treats to your pooch? Dog biscuits are your best bet; the crunchier and the lower the sugar and calorie content, the better. Many pet stores offer a wide range of doggie treats of various flavors.

The holidays can also mean having guests around. But having new people coming to the house can add to your pet’s stress. To remedy this, create a quiet space for your pooch that’s away from access to guests. Perhaps you can place your pet’s food, water and toys within reach. The key here is to maintain a sense of calm and tranquility.

Of course, there is a likelihood of traveling during the holidays. Whether you’re planning to bring your pet along with you or simply leave him or her in the petsitter’s care, it pays to plan ahead.

Make sure your dog’s food and treats are prepared so there won’t be a sudden change of diet. If you’re leaving him or her with the petsitter, make sure your dog’s medication needs are all set. Don’t forget your pet’s favorite toys and bedding to bring a sense of “home.”

Your pet’s playtime should not be overlooked just because you’re busy. Take the time to walk or run or play with your dog. It’s a great way to de-stress and exercise while spending quality time with your furry companion.


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