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WHO: More Action Should Be Taken Against Rabies

The global community should do more against rabies, the World Health Organization urged. With today’s knowledge and tools, rabies can be eradicated, the international group said in its report “The Control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases: From Advocacy to Action.”

In that study, WHO underscored that attaining a world free from canine rabies within 15 years is possible because there are existing management mechanisms in place. The problem, however, is that the endeavor needs increased investment.

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) gave the study a positive reception.

“This report demonstrates that rabies elimination is possible through mass dog vaccination,” Dr. Louise Taylor, GARC spokesperson, said. “It clearly shows that expanding the application of existing technologies could help more people at risk of rabies, and other neglected zoonotic diseases and also that further commitment of the international community to work together is needed to support these efforts.”

In the WHO study, the international health group accentuated the need to support integrated and cost-effective programs to ensure that these policies and approaches are properly evaluated and that human suffering may be reduced.

To protect your pets from rabies, have them vaccinated, following the veterinarian’s recommended schedule. As much as possible, limit your pets’ exposure to stray or wild animals. Keep them on a leash or inside a cage or have them stay indoors or behind the gates. If they have been bitten by another animal and you’re not sure if the latter is rabid, take them to the vet.


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