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Never Give Your Dogs These Treats

Did you know you’re not supposed to feed your dog just anything you find in your kitchen? Sure, you can give him chicken bits or a piece of that juicy steak that you had. But the thing is, what you thought was a little reward could cause pain or even death to your pup.

What’s healthy for humans may not be the same for your dog. Thus, it is extremely crucial to learn what to give and not to give to save your furry friend from hurt. There are human snacks that are downright toxic and should be avoided. Here are some of them:


Never feed your dogs chocolate. It contains theobromine, which is fatal to them. The dark variety, however, has the highest levels of theobromine that even licking a bowl that had chocolate in it will bring about vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, your dogs will experience seizure or death.

Raw Meat and Fish

Raw meat or fish will cause food poisoning in your dog because it contains harmful microbes like E. coli and Salmonella.


That tasty fruit that’s good for us? Don’t ever think it’s good for your dogs, too. Avocado contains person, which is harmful for dogs.


Dogs and alcohol don’t mix. Alcohol produces the same intoxicating effects in dogs as humans. But unlike humans, it only takes a small quantity to cause damage to your dog’s organs and brain. In severe cases, alcohol triggers coordination problems, diarrhea, vomiting, breathing problems and even death.

Coffee and Tea

Breathing irregularities, heart palpitations and restlessness are among the effects of coffee and tea to dogs. Thus, it’s not a good idea to share this beverage with your pup.

Other forbidden food items for your dogs include dairy products, candy and gum, toothpaste, grapes, raisins and yeast dough.


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