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Keeping Your Dog Groomed

Did you know regular grooming makes your dogs happier and healthier? If your pups have a thick coat, skipping their grooming can result in them having matted, clumped hair. Not only does this look unappealing, the dreadlock look can be very painful for your furry friends.

A pulling, tightening force is produced as matted hair develops. As this worsens, sores will develop beneath the clumped hair. To avoid this, it is crucial that you regularly comb your furry friends’ longer, thicker hair. It keeps the coat healthy and shiny as well as prevents the formation of clumps.

Nail trimming is also an essential part of dog grooming. Shorter, neatly trimmed nails can improve your dogs’ mobility. Overgrown nails, on the other hand, will inhibit their movements, causing them to modify their stance to accommodate the longer nails. A continuous maintenance of an unnatural pose can trigger hip and legs problems for them.

Do your pups have clean ears? If you don’t regularly check up on earwax buildup, their ears will become a breeding ground for bacteria. And with that comes infection and other complications.

Like people, dogs take delight in being well-groomed and clean. Getting a bath, combing and nails trimmed can produce amazing benefits to their physical and emotional well-being. And of course, when they’re clean, they’re perfect companions for cuddling and hugging while on the bed.


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