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Top 10 Common Pet Diseases

Wondering what are the top 10 common diseases in pets? If your pets have any of these health disorders, bring them to the vet as soon as possible.

Kidney Disease

While this condition is commonly seen in older cats, kidney disease is also seen in dogs. This health problem is congenital in some pets while other develop it as they age. Dogs with kidney disease generally deteriorate more quickly compared to affected cats.


This disease is regarded as part of the aging process in some pets. With proper diet and regular exercise, diabetes can be controlled. However, some pets may need insulin shots.


Does your pet appear to be slow to rise every morning? Is it reluctant to jump now when it vigorously hopped and skipped when it was younger? Your pet is probably suffering from arthritis. You can ask the vet for joint supplements to complement your pet’s treatment.


Fleas and ticks transmit serious diseases. To keep your pets free from these parasites, bring them to the vet for regular topical flea and tick prevention. Make sure you give your pets a bath regularly.


While rabies is common in wild animals, it is also present in domesticated pets. As this disease is fatal, make sure that you get your furry companions updated with their rabies vaccination.

Parvo Virus

Commonly seen in unvaccinated puppies and kittens, parvo is a killer disease. The mortality risk, however, is dependent on how the symptoms are quickly noticed and the condition is addressed by the vet.

Dental Disease

Humans aren’t the only ones to develop bad breath, tooth cavities, and gum disease. Dental diseases in pets are no joke; if not medically attended, it can contribute to the increased risk for heart disease and kidney complications.


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