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4 Remarkably Simple Ways Your Dogs Communicates Their Love for You

Wondering if your dog loves you? As pet owner, you have countless ways to show your love for your furry four-legged companion. From tasty treats to belly rubs, your dog will know from these actions that you care and love it. But how do you know if your pet feels the same? Here are some of the common indications that your canine also has a deep affection for you.

Going Crazy As You Walk Through the Door from Work

You’ve probably seen your dog do this before. The moment you walk through the front door, you are excitedly welcomed by your tail-wagging, enthusiastic four-legged companion. This may be accompanied by eager jumping and a toy in tow in his mouth too. This is pet love.

Facial Expressions

When it comes to showing affection, tail wagging isn’t everything. Take a look at your pet’s facial expressions and you’ll see varied displays of emotion right there. According to a recent study, dogs will lift their eyebrows to their left when they see their owner.

Ear movement is another indicator of their affection for you. In the same study, researchers found out that dogs usually shift their left ear back when they see someone familiar and have bonded with.


When your dog looks at you in the eyes, it’s its way of hugging you but with its eyes. Although we don’t suggest getting into a staring contest with your canine. It might send a different signal and will probably make your pet look away instead. However, try maintaining eye contact with your dog and see how it will react.

Yawning with You

Yawning may be contagious, but if your dog intentionally yawns with you, it is trying to show empathy. Want to test this theory? However, if it doesn’t yawn along, your dog probably doesn’t recognize yawning and is probably wondering already why you’re displaying your grin.


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